Forestry (logging) truck purpose is transport trees from forest. Logging trucks have bigger size wheels, powerful engines and sometimes manipulator.

Case IH Puma 160 Wood v 1.0


Converted Case IH Puma 160 with a couple more horsepower, a cage and a screen in front of the disc Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Thunder Wood US Logging Truck

Thunder-Wood-US-Logging-Truck-1 Thunder-Wood-US-Logging-Truck-2

Power 550 hp

Authors: Eric, zorlac


Scania R730 Forest with Log Trailer v 1.2

Scania-R730-Forest-with-Log-Trailer-v-1.2-1 Scania-R730-Forest-with-Log-Trailer-v-1.2-2

Scania R730 Forest Truck with Log Trailer and Mounted Manipulator Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MAN TGA 28.350 Jenz Mobile Chipper v 1.1

MAN-TGA-28.350-Jenz-Mobile-Chipper-1 MAN-TGA-28.350-Jenz-Mobile-Chipper-2

It is here a reconstruction of the original MAN and Jenz hacker Giants. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MAN TGS Short Wooden Train Tandem v 1.2

MAN-TGS-Short-Wooden-Train-Tandem-v-1.2-1 MAN-TGS-Short-Wooden-Train-Tandem-v-1.2-2

It is here a reconstruction of the original MAN of Giants.
The MAN has been provided with a degradable at or crane and created a matching tandem trailer. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MAN TGS Jenz Chipper Truck v 1.1

MAN-TGS-Jenz-Chipper-Truck-v-1.1-1 MAN-TGS-Jenz-Chipper-Truck-v-1.1-2

Converted MAN TGS Truck with Jenz Hack cell.
The MAN has a 6×6 wheel drive and a 660 hp engine.
With drive control, the MAN blasphemous loaded with other machines, equipment since it runs furthermore equipped. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

GAZ 66 Timber v 2.0

GAZ-66-Timber-v-2.0-1 GAZ-66-Timber-v-2.0-2

GAZ 66 Timber Truck

Author: DANG