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MAN TGS Short Wooden Train Tandem v 1.2

MAN-TGS-Short-Wooden-Train-Tandem-v-1.2-1 MAN-TGS-Short-Wooden-Train-Tandem-v-1.2-2

It is here a reconstruction of the original MAN of Giants.
The MAN has been provided with a degradable at or crane and created a matching tandem trailer.

Authors: Giants, Timber131


One Response to MAN TGS Short Wooden Train Tandem v 1.2

  1. Yurik

    Although not visible in pictures and ingame those back end walls do exists.
    There is no visible wall at the back of the truck or trailer, but they are there when trying to load longer logs. 5 meter logs fit nicely and can be loaded well but anything longer does not fit. Also unloading has to be done by backing to the water in log camp or by crane. Please remove those invisible walls or make them visible. Otherwise I like this setup. Thank you.

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