In modpacks category is various mod packs, from few mods to extra big mod pack with hundreds mods.

Mods Pack in Podkarpacie v 1.1

Mod Pack contains
– Ursus 914
– Ursus 3512
– Ursus c-330
– Z056 bison
– Wind
– Cultivator
– Krone Vario 1500 press
– Fertilizer spreader Grass Rol
– Stiff Hall
– Pack lawet fiegl (with autoload)
– Seed drill Rolmasz Polonez
– Scripts like real day and night Read & DOWNLOAD >>

CAT Challenger and Lexion Jumbo Pack FINAL


There are 6 tractors, 1 sprayer, 2 combines, and 1 header. Additional stuff in photo not included! Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Winter Snow Mods Pack v 1.0


– manure
– breeding cows
– forestry
– feeding
– different sizes and shapes of fields Read & DOWNLOAD >>

FDR Logging – Machine Pack v 9.0


Version 9.0:
* New Swing Forwarder
* Swing forwarder has had grapple replaced with a fixed head style as the dangle was having problems on hills and weird angles
* Clamshell Loader + Dozer have had the dangling angles fixed so that the grapples cannot get “stuck sideways” in the air anymore, also they are much easier to handle in terms of swing
* Buncher heads are now alot more “solid” feeling meaning they don’t have the lag like dragging feeling when moving them side to side, this allowing for much smoother cutting of trees
* Bunchers now have thinner heads width wise making it easier to line up your cut node as well as looks more uniform to the machine
* Retextured the trees on both maps so that the silly branches arnt sticking out so far. the previous trees had huge branches that would easily stick through the cab when cutting, they have been shortened and changed to work better for handling as well
* Fixed issue where some trees were missing the branches
* All machines Grapples stay more solid to the arm (less drag and lag off centering)
* All machines Grapples are more solid and pickup logs with less jitter
* Various fixes to a few collisions and problematic stuff
* Log trailer now has swinging arm lock that fold into the stake instead of sticking off the side of the truck Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MAN TGS 41.480 Forest Pack v 2.0

MAN-Forest-1 MAN-Forest-2

The Pack consist of:
* MAN TGS 41.480 Truck with Crane
* MAN TGS 41.480 Wood Forest Truck
* MAN TGS 41.480 8×4 Truck
* MAN TGS 41.480 Transcont Truck
* Kroeger Agroliner 402 Trailer
* Kroeger Agroliner SRB35 Trailer
* Tandem Wood Forest Trailer
* TR438 Log Trailer
* Container Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MAN Aral Pack


The Pack consist of:
* MAN TGS 41.480 8×8 Agrar Truck
* Aral Swap
* Hawe WPS Two Axle Dolly
* Hawe WPS Three Axle Dolly Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Peterbilt 388 + Trailer Breast Cancer Edition


– Power 550 hp
– Speed 168 km/h
– Light
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels Read & DOWNLOAD >>