If you like forest industry, download special map for this job. Here you will find maps for forestry and logging.

The Forest Map v 1.0

The-Forest-1 The-Forest-2 The-Forest-3 The-Forest-4

– The Forest Map based in the Rockwood
– You start with a little forest and a good machinery
– Start with a small forest and a good machinery to
– Buyable Objects
– Buyable Items
– Hotel: include a Apple Farm and License to Fish
– Little Farm and Silos
– Sawmill
– 3 Forest
– 3 Wald Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Forest of Dean v 1.1 MP

Forest-of-Dean-v-1.1-MP-3 Forest-of-Dean-v-1.1-MP-2 Forest-of-Dean-v-1.1-MP-1

– 43 buyable fields some square and some L shaped
– Manure plane rises in the cow shed and can be scooped out with manure bucket
– Rising planes in the storage sheds
– 3 different farms with different purposes
– Growth times made Realistically
– Tight hedged lanes
– Large forest for wood cutting
– Many different companies points
– BGA and biomass plans
– Gas station for fuel please use a fuel bowser to transport
– No AI traffic made for MP purposes
– 7 Starter pre planted fields none
– Places for solar panels and greenhouses
– All MP compatible
– Chopped straw enabled Read & DOWNLOAD >>