Various other mods for forestry and logging.

Tigercat 875 Log Loader


– Power 788 hp
– Light
– Traces of Wheels Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Fransgard HZ2300 v 1.0


Grapple to pull the tree from the forest.
Control with the mouse. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

LogOn Log Bumper v 1.0

LogOn Log Bumper

– Gets dirty /washable
– Choice of color
– Weight 136 kg
– Goes up and down Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Liebherr Buncher XL v 1.0

Liebherr Buncher XL

They are used for cutting trees down fast.
Can cut and hold up to 7 small trees at one time. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ahwi FM700H v 1.0


Mouse controls have changed:
– Left mouse button moves large flap and the Pipe
– Both mouse keys to move the little flap Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Forestry Heckkran v 3.0


Click to see a video review

Version 3.0:
– Weight increases by tag and thus increases the stability
– “LowTrailerAttacher” added
– All varieties can be appended Trailers Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Plaisance BF 700 v 1.0


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Plaisance BF 700 Forestry Mulcher

Author: Patar Read & DOWNLOAD >>