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MAN TGS Jenz Chipper Truck v 1.1

MAN-TGS-Jenz-Chipper-Truck-v-1.1-1 MAN-TGS-Jenz-Chipper-Truck-v-1.1-2

Converted MAN TGS Truck with Jenz Hack cell.
The MAN has a 6×6 wheel drive and a 660 hp engine.
With drive control, the MAN blasphemous loaded with other machines, equipment since it runs furthermore equipped.

Author: Moeter


One Response to MAN TGS Jenz Chipper Truck v 1.1

  1. Jeffrey

    This is a verry nice mod, thank you

    there is a small bug in it, when using the crane to load logs onto the feeder it sometimes bumps on a invissible wall right above the feeding belt :/

    Sometimes annoying, however when u drop the logs, they will fall right through it.

    Great mod!

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