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Old Streams Map v 2.0 GMK

  • 2016-09-17 10:06
  • Maps

Old-Streams-1 Old-Streams-2 Old-Streams-3

Version 2.0 GMK:
* New Farm
* New Fields
* Still More fluidity
* Corrections bug
* New ETA
* New Roads
* Sunflower
* Pedestrian Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Outaouais Map v 0.9

  • 2016-09-16 09:57
  • Maps

Outaouais-1 Outaouais-2 Outaouais-3

Fictitious Map on a North American style Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Suedhemmern Map v 11.0

  • 2016-09-08 19:04
  • Maps

Suedhemmern-1 Suedhemmern-2 Suedhemmern-3

Version 11.0:
* Feedlots V 5.0 pigs, cattle fattening, chicken fattening, geese Mast
* Drover for pigs, cattle, chickens, geese
* MilkMax V 2.0 with sales unit
* Fuel production at the refinery of the industrial plant
* Fillable gas stations on the main courtyard and the stockyard
* Fuel sales in machinery dealer in Suedhemmern
* Brickyard in Suedhemmern with sales office in the port
* New fillTypes loam, clay, UHT milk Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Maksimovka Map v 1.6.5

  • 2016-09-08 19:22
  • Maps


Version 1.6.5:
* Highly difficult sandy pit for a real man, and those who have a hand in that place grow
* Manual loading sand. To do this, there are two holes at the quarry from which you can download the sand
* Changed areas career
* Fixed collision in the fields that interfere with work in the fields
* Changed triggers the sale of any product on pallets
* Price grown on sand
* Optimized for low-end PCs become more perfect Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Burgenland 2016 Map v 1.7

  • 2016-09-08 19:41
  • Maps

Burgenland-2016-1 Burgenland-2016-2 Burgenland-2016-3

Version 1.7:
– Circus replaced by holiday village with restaurant
– New Court in the Northeastern Map
– Among others New buildings and sounds added Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Nikolaevka Map v 0.9.3

  • 2016-09-08 08:35
  • Maps


Version 0.9.3:
* The sugar factory is no more, and now the sugar produced in the bakeries
* In place of the sugar factory – Dairy Plant, buyout produces cheese, pasteurized milk, and butter. These products are made in the bakery and in a rest home
* Completely reworked system of loading of the goods produced at the factory, cleaned items – bones
* In this regard, the trigger sale of meat in a butcher’s shop are also replaced
* Fixed bugs in the hopper to the BHA
* Fixed a bug in the triggrea in a granary based
* Sale of square and round bales on w / complex is now working
* Reviewed food prices
* Fixed a bug in the car. Now everything is working
* Added to the information content of some plants
* Fixed bug with lots of kombkorma in based storage
* Produced minor and insignificant changes of the relief and the environment Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Baldeykino Map v 1.0 Edit

  • 2016-09-08 08:44
  • Maps


Version 1.0 Edit:
* Fixed a Sawmill
* Changed some production (made smoking of fish)
* Reversed purchases, added to the purchase of seeds and fertilizers, and bring them to their place
* Modified fruit trees, added more ingredients to produce fruit, and the fruits grow, but slowly
* Fruit trees are combined in the farm garden, greenhouses are also integrated
* Increased volumes of fruit trees, greenhouses, apiary, mushroom and other places
* Made of cherries storage of apples and pears on the basis of UPK
* Carried out a small Map optimization
* Cut out most of the scripts Read & DOWNLOAD >>