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Switzerland Map v 4.0

  • 2016-09-19 08:43
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Version 4.0:
* Establishment of a Rabbit Farm headquarters of the NE. The rabbit farm is recessed into the ground due to the inclement weather and is equipped with forced ventilation. Feeding: rabbit pellets, fattening forage, forage, water and straw. In order to avoid artificial lighting, skylights have been placed.
* Storage of the central office, which is also recessed in the ground, receives light through the skylight.
* The inscription storage Biofutter factory and are equipped with a digital display. The colony became one of the central storage positioned to supply the rabbit farm easier.
* The feed mill capacity has been enhanced and the release rate of 25,000 liters / sec. became.
* Fruit trees and vines of the rows are positioned closer to, for ease of harvesting.
* The headquarters of the garages resize, move, move the seed station.
* A full replacement of train park, repainted.
* Placement of wells for drinking in several places.

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