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Suedhemmern Map v 11.0

  • 2016-09-08 19:04
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Suedhemmern-1 Suedhemmern-2 Suedhemmern-3

Version 11.0:
* Feedlots V 5.0 pigs, cattle fattening, chicken fattening, geese Mast
* Drover for pigs, cattle, chickens, geese
* MilkMax V 2.0 with sales unit
* Fuel production at the refinery of the industrial plant
* Fillable gas stations on the main courtyard and the stockyard
* Fuel sales in machinery dealer in Suedhemmern
* Brickyard in Suedhemmern with sales office in the port
* New fillTypes loam, clay, UHT milk

Author: GMCW


One Response to Suedhemmern Map v 11.0

  1. Marian

    The fields can’t be buy it ! i walk around every field area and i haven’t see any icon for “buy the field ” ! Please repair this problem ! Thank you !

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