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ZIL 5417 Pack


– Speed 90 km/h
– Two realistic camera quality textures
– Dust, traces, tried to bring physics to the real
– Corrected almost all the errors in the log
– Lighting works, foot size, work norms.
– Modular body has been edited by its size, MAN Mulde
– Transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugarbeets, potatoes, grass, straw, chaff, silage, fodder, food mix, woodchips, manure
– Capacity 12000 liters
– Washable
– Choice of color when buying

Authors: R.U.S.L.A.N, Lexan, DUFATA, Zombi88888, sanya1970, -=F@RMeR=-, Dimon676, Gnescher, kto_totutzdes


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