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Wilhelms Talkessel Map v 1.05

  • 2016-08-13 10:09
  • Maps

Wilhelms-Talkessel-1 Wilhelms-Talkessel-2 Wilhelms-Talkessel-3

The Map offers 10 arable land, which total 9,65 ha. In addition there are 11 fields that can be wrapped as needed. Separated by a stream, the valley divides into two halves, on the one of the court of the old Hermann, which provides the ability for milk and meat production. On the other half we find the village, the farm equipment dealers, grain dealers, the biomass power plant, the butcher and the Nordzucker factory. Were installed in the Map of GMK mod, the Soil mod, chopped straw mod, the water mod and cattle fattening (Hof). Alternatively, you can for Deco yet sheep holding, chickens were not installed. The milk is automatically retrieved.

Authors: metalger1, Manuel, Raptor5, Modding-Welt, El_Cid, Fendtfan1, Marhu, Cebuljek, luxfarm_ls, Fatian


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