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White Oak Farm v 1.0

  • 2016-04-30 09:54
  • Maps

White-Oak-Farm-1 White-Oak-Farm-4 White-Oak-Farm-2 White-Oak-Farm-3

Small Map with only 14 Fields. 7 arable and 7 grass you also have two yards your main yard witch has all your Crop storage and cows along side your seed, Fertilizer and fuel triggers and then the Second yard is alot smaller and that is for your Sheep and Extra Storage. At the store you will find all your sell points such as Veichle sell point, wood, wool and Crop sell point you can also buy your Equipment and Trees.
You can also find your bale sell point at the stable and to sell your Eggs you go to the Pub. Your Reset point is in the Cow Field. If you would like to store your Root Crops use Heap Trigger.

Author: Nathan_6930

DOWNLOAD 139 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 139 MB [Sharemods]

3 Responses to White Oak Farm v 1.0

  1. Adrian D.

    Great map! Love the textures. Can you do a bigger version and lose the gates?

  2. kwstas


  3. rob

    hey great map. but I’ve found a problem with field 7 it leaves a diagonal line when seeding and says you don’t own this field…………..

    kwstas you need an animation mod which can be found on this ite………….

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