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Westbridge Hills 2015 v 2.0

  • 2014-12-05 20:27
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– Field 15 – Removed all trees by the cow zone. smoothed the field where the violent bumps were.
– Field 16 – Smoothed an area that had a small bump. Removed the tree’s, removed the barn. Moved the field away from the traffic, closer to the farm house.
– Field 17 – Removed the barn, made the field one large retangle shaped field.
– Field 21 – Removed, planted grass for mowing, added a few fir tree’s to cut down.
– Farm courtyard – Removed several barns that could not be used. Added another open covered car/barn port. Moved the barn, and hay sell point closer to the silos making it easier to back up to the barn.
– Smoothed the ground by the sell point at the restaurant.

Authors: Giants, DavyRocket


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