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Watts Farm Map v 1.1

  • 2016-09-01 13:41
  • Maps

Watts-Farm-2 Watts-Farm-3 Watts-Farm-1

Watts Farm located hidden in the mountains unknown to most. It is a small map with small fields so small equipment is recommended. It has Beef Pigs Water Mod and the firewood Mod built into the map. It has all the needed sell points on the map for the associated mods in the map. The wool pallet and wood pallets from the wood mill are sold directly behind the lumber mill under the shed. The Beef and Pig sell point is a little bit up the road from the main farm in a animal shed. Garden Center is located at the vehicle shop. It is the default fruits and all can be stored in the silo on the farm. You have a few pieces of equipment to begin with.

Author: AssasinModding


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