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Warning Light Extension v 1.1


The hazard Warning Lights Extension is another global script that the principle of brake lights and daytime running extension follows expansion.
As soon as the wheels rotate in reverse, all known to the model flasher to be visible. The whole thing only works when the engine is running. Only the helper contrives so evenly about to reverse, that the hazard warning lights do not come on.
Since it may happen when braking the wheels briefly turn backward, the turn signals are partially shorted to see also there. But that is so far not even really bad, because they are indeed from dangers such as a decelerating vehicle warn. The same also applies if the vehicle rolls downhill backwards because for example. The slope is too steep.
The principle is: If the reversing light is on, and the hazard warning lights can be seen.

Version 1.1:
* For vehicles that have no return fahrton that reverseDrivingBeep is played from the game directory now
* Since the script is still seen on the direction of movement of the wheels, whether a vehicle is reversing, it happens that hazard lights and Rückfahrton even when braking light briefly, or are heard

Author: amhh


One Response to Warning Light Extension v 1.1

  1. Warondar

    Unfortunately, the audible warning is just too much of a distraction and becomes annoying real quick, for me personally.
    The ‘beeping’ can be heard while remaining stationary, no matter if in reverse or forward gear, it’s still goes off and remains on.
    There’s also the problem of hearing the sound no matter where you go on the map, while you leave the tractor running and go do something else.
    I’m hoping this can be fixed and the author releases an update. It’s really a great idea for a mod, being it’s pretty much found on any working vehicle IRL.

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