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Ursus C330 Mega Pack


– Panel IC
– Opening the door
– Opening rear window
– Sliding roof
– Animation course
– Animation clutch
– Animation brake
– Tur key
– Cabin key
– Rooster on key
– Mirrors on key
– Real Dynamic fumes
– LED lights
– LED indicator
– Movable tip speed
– The panel auxiliary num 0
– Movable tip speed
– Mod Passenger
– Front hitch
– Halogen front
– Halogen rear
– Traces of wheels
– Dust from under the wheels
– Indicators
– Light
– Log is clean
– Real sound
– Animation rear hydraulics and steering

Authors: Giants, Roller90, pawlo101299


2 Responses to Ursus C330 Mega Pack

  1. Fabrício Rayol

    Parabéns! Excelente trabalho adorei os detalhes dos pedais e cambio ficou fantástico, obrigado pelo mod já estou ansioso pelo próximo.

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