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Ursus 904 v 1.0


– A real scale
– A real power
– A real mass
– Wheel Shader (bending of the tire)
– Panel IC
– Opening Doors (also the approach)
– Repeal roof
– Repeal Rear Window
– Movable wiper
– Movable flap on the chimney
– New real smoke
– Moving the shaft Front Drive
– Tachometer / Speedometer
– Mobile indicators and clocks
– controls
– Moving the PTO shaft
– Animated Lift
– Animated steering and support
– Rooster
– Dipped beam, road and working
– Dust from under the wheels
– Leaves traces
– Mod Passenger
– Light Sound-cab (Sound 3d)
– Moving Wheels Belt
– Direction / Emergency
– Stop Lights
– New Realistic Camera
– Improved Physics Driving

Authors: siudix29, Rol-Tech Modding


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