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Ursus 1014 FL


– Plowing mod
– Moving the stick
– New real sounds
– Assumed console to turn on the button
– Opening doors, rear windscreen, sunroof, tilt side windows with the mouse
– Animated cylinders in the rear windshield and sunroof
– Animated rear podnosnik
– Lighting front / backward, turn signals
– Traces of tires
– Mirrors
– Moving directions of rotation and fuel level
– Automatically adjustable rear hitch
– Animation hands farmer
– Dust from the tires

Authors: Agromet, roller90


One Response to Ursus 1014 FL

  1. sarkadi sandor

    This is an excellent mod , well-functioning animations. I only have trouble with it , namely that a lot of the fuel consumption . Despite writing through the use of fuel. Anyone can help that we can be wrong?

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