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Unimog U5023 Pack v 0.99

Unimog-U5023-1 Unimog-U5023-2

The Unimog own DBS 5000 on the roof and are equipped with the Z-Vision System. Furthermore, they have installed front flashers. Also, a roof monitor functioning installed this is controlled by mouse control (TLF). Inside is displayed when the turn signal is activated when the oil is missing or adblue must be refueled. Since Drive Control is installed in this mod you can unlock even the wheel and switch on the differential lock.
The pallet is pallets that are needed for the mod because this mod has built an oil change and Adblue script.
As always, one needs the Light addon
Also you need the Drive Control

Authors: cobra, Marc85, BlackyBPG, J112J, Polarstern


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