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Unimog U400 WB Pack v 1.1

Unimog-U-400-WB-Pack-v-1.1-1 Unimog-U-400-WB-Pack-v-1.1-2

This Unimog U400 in 3 versions, with off-road and street tires of Mercedes, is hard to beat with his tank volume of 190 liters in flexibility.
There is no attachment, which is not mountable. Whether front loader or swap, such as.
Trailer, 3-point attachments, no problem. With its all-wheel drive, it delivers an impressive 238 hp.
In Store offer all of the data that are important for the purchase decision listed.

Version 1.1:
– Front and rear hydraulics
– Hud is now active

Authors: Giants, Tackleberry


2 Responses to Unimog U400 WB Pack v 1.1

  1. FS15 Nick

    I am having problems with all the versions of the U400. This is not a problem that is huge for this vehicle but it should be addressed.

    I am getting a LOAD of over-steer on the short models and under-steer on the long model. The under-steer on the larger frame model I can deal with because a few, not very many, other vehicles I have do get under-steer. The vehicles that do are mainly the smaller tractors hauling a heavy or large trailer. With the U400, I am getting over-steer mainly at high speeds were I will usually do a complete 180* turn or more. I do not have very many complaints for the long version because it is not that bad with the under-steer but I would like to see it fixed.

    Extra comments:
    (I am currently ONLY using this on the Giants Mod Contest 2015 Entry, Iron Horse Farm).

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