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Unimog Trucks Pack


This Pack includes the Unimog U1200, U1600 and a concrete weight.

With its 155 HP engine, the Mercedes Benz Unimog U1600 agricultural is one of the strongest Unimogs. The front hydraulic from BAAS can be mounted to the front plate, by that the Unimog is getting a more flexible tool on your farm than any other tractor.

The Unimog U1200 with it´s 125 HP engine is the weaker but cheaper model of both trucks. With lower maintenance costs and less fuel consumption he is the perfekt “beginner” model of both Unimog´s. You can also add the BAAS front hydraulic on the U1200.

The concrete weight can be placed on the flatbed of both Unimog´s as an additional weight for more driving stability and grip.

Authors: bm modding, Tjap Tjoj


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  1. Gregoris

    very good interior, reminiscent ETS 2, good job.

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