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Trailtech CT3200 CT220TT v 1.0 BETA

Trailtech-CT-3200-CT-220-TT-v-1.0-BETA-1 Trailtech-CT-3200-CT-220-TT-v-1.0-BETA-2

Trailtech is committed to the continual development and research in trailer technology. Using the latest designs and available technology, Trailtech is able to produce safe products of the highest quality.
This mods have minor errors but are really good and functionally.
This trailer are American type as they are ready for American implements, especially combine trailer series.

Author: Julian11


8 Responses to Trailtech CT3200 CT220TT v 1.0 BETA

  1. dav

    i have an issue with this mod, there is no way to control the trailer, all I can do is unfold. All of the other command are not binded and i cant bind them.

  2. Biginuf

    I tried to drive a tractor onto the trailer several times and each time the tractor and trailer both went flying up into the air, the tractor was flying at 700,000+mph. I’d love to use this trailer if it gets fixed, it looks great. Also, how do you lock the tractor to the trailer?

  3. ~@Laimys@~

    This is a really good mod for me because i can actually transport my combines safely on the road with it not clinging on to cars and i can transport it faster.

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