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The Beast Wood Chippers Pack v 1.1

Heavy-Duty-Wood-Chippers-1 Heavy-Duty-Wood-Chippers-2

Iveco Stralis Heavy Duty Truck with Wooden Crane and Heavy Duty Wood Chippers Trailer

– Washable
– Lighting including LEDs behind
– Timber loading crane
– Support feet
– Basic model
– Power 476 hp V8 engine (torque has been increased somewhat)
– Tank capacity 750 liters
– 8X8 Chassis, permanent all-wheel drive
– Interior lighting
– OnBoard Display
– Animated pointer
– Charging indicator
– Tank warning light
– Your own sounds

Version 1.1:
– Digital display on the bunker right
– Translation error “Work Light” remedied
– Minor amendments to the Model
– Cameras on each of the 3 working lights
– RULs turn at “Bunker full” a shutdown
– Hupton at “Bunker full” shutdown
– Modified reference point for the control box
– Control box slightly enlarged and positioned slightly differently
– Scraper floor adapted in the bunker
– Motor blocked with movement and animated tailgate

Authors: [FSM]Atabogo, [FSM]Chefkoch, Marhu, joeykiller1000, wobo


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  1. tobias12014

    whats the controls, i cant turn on the wood chippers

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