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The Alps 15

  • 2014-12-21 19:51
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The-Alps-15-1 The-Alps-15-2 The-Alps-15-3

Wellcome to all new The Alps map for Landwirtschafts Simulator 15. Challange yourself under extreme conditions and proof that you can deal with cruel Alpine world. However, Alps are not just raw and ruthless. Mountains offers you nicest views you can find and are full of green valleys and white peak mountains. Grass, cereals, forest and breeding animals are your opportunity to make a fortune and become major Alpine farmer and landowner.
The Alps 15 is remake of LS13 version of The Alps map.

Author: kirezagar


4 Responses to The Alps 15

  1. ScrollsyScrolls

    The big meadow to the east of the farm needs some flattening in the north-western part,as it is almost impossible to use a windrower because all you do is start sliding and mess up your windrows.

  2. dariusbalau

    is not loading what to, do?

  3. Matt

    It wont let me tip at the freight yard

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