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Tatra Phoenix Agro 8×8 Hooklift Edit Pack

Tatra-Phoenix-Agro-8x8-Hooklift-1 Tatra-Phoenix-Agro-8x8-Hooklift-2 Tatra-Phoenix-Agro-8x8-Hooklift-3

The Pack consist of:
* Tatra Phoenix Agro 8×8 Truck (Multicolor)
* Hooklift Trailer
* Grain Container (Multicolor): capacity 45000 liters
* Skip Trailer (Multicolor): capacity 20000 liters
* Water Container: capacity 19000 liters
* Fuel Container: capacity 19000 liters

– Power 462 hp
– Speed 87 km/h
– Lighting
– Choice of color
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels
– Working Instrument Panel and Mirrors
– Animation Farmers Hand
– Swing Bridge
– Rear Hitch

Authors: Giants, eraevgenij


3 Responses to Tatra Phoenix Agro 8×8 Hooklift Edit Pack

  1. gerdlorenz

    schöner mod nur leider ist der lkw nicht zukaufen egal auf welche map und auch egal mit welchen patch

  2. sher29

    downloaded this mod, when i go to select it i cannot purchase on the game, why is this….

  3. EJB

    cant buy this mod unknown type error

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