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Tatra 815 Agro Pack v 1.0

Tatra-Pack-1 Tatra-Pack-2

– Power 295 hp
– Maximum Speed limited 80 km/h
– IC Control
– Open doors, windows, roof, bonnet
– Real Sounds
– Reverse Mirrors fixed
– Tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, water temperature in the engine all animated
– Brake lamp left right, left right turn signals, lights low and high
– Pedal + clutch shifter animated
– Engine cooling propeller animation
– Passenger mod
– Complete spotting

Included 4 Modules:
– 4 wheel lift BSS different over the construction of platforms
– Korba for bulk commodities S1: capacity 16500 liters
– Korba for silage and forage: capacity 19500 liters
– Korba Manure Spreader: capacity 20500 liters



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