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Taharoa Valley Map v 1.0

  • 2016-07-18 08:23
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This is a full size map including Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Beef, BioGas and Arable/Cropping.
The map is styled off the New Zealand country side and you will see allot of NZ features in the map.
This is going to be a rather diffuclt map to get around for some of you, it has some steepish hills and soome difficult tracks and river crossings thanks to the mud mod.
You may need to tow chain but all and all I think it’s at a realistic standard for me here in NZ.
These lots of cropping land near the cropping contacting yard then the rest of the map is pure grassland, if you want to put extra crops in plow the grass land up.

Beef is in the map it’s located around the bottom left of the map. all the triggers are situated around the cattle yards. (see PDF or video) Beef is intended to be brought at the Dairy Farm and not through the shop menu.
Also just a note that you will need to trailer that accepts Young Beef (see recommended mods)

The sheep are pretty well stock standard with one feed trigger out in the paddock and the wool pallet spawn at the woolshed door (see PDF or video)

The dairy cows are altered slightly, you will need to clean out the manure form the solids trap at the end of the feedpad. manure can be stored in the bunker, the straw trigger is the size of the feedpad and is recomeneded that you use the feedbales mod(see PDF or Video)
For a list of the mods in the map please read down below and once again be sure to watch the release tour for all info on the map

Standard sell triggers plus Marhu’s sawmill is impletmented.

Standard crops plus clover and lucerne

Map BGA Silo: For help in regards to using this mod please go to page 9 in the readme file above.

The following mods have been added into the map:
– Dorset’s Big and Bold Foliage Pack (Partial) Dorset
– Multi Angle Terrian Detail Mod Petorious
– Soil Management Mod Decker_MMIV
– Paintable Trees NI Modding
– Animation Map Trigger Vertex Design
– Beef mod MFG Mannie313 Plus gnftr04 for his custom textures
– Hardpoint Xentro
– Gas Station Trigger Extended Blacky_BPG / tobiasgo
– Sawmill Festus
– Potato Washer Farmer Andy
– Multifruit Lucerne and Clover Upsidedown
– MapBGA Silo A few of these bunkers around, this script enhances everything to do with silage Heady

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