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Steyr Tractors Pack

Steyr-1 Steyr-2

3 Steyr Tractors:
* Steyr 8100A SK1: power 85 hp
* Steyr 8110A SK1: power 90 hp
* Steyr 8120A Turbo SK1: power 100 hp

– 6 Cylinder Models
– Washable
– IC control
– Swing axle
– Animated: wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
– Open door / close
– FL Console (default) on / degradable (from the outside)
– Front fender on / degradable (from the outside)
– FH + FZ on / degradable (from the outside)
– Work light front / rear / off (Steyr 8100, 8110)
– Hitch front + atacher joint
– Indoor sound
– Passenger Script
– Rear view mirror
– Steyr 8110 sound (in all three models fitted)
– Speed 30 km/h

Authors: MB 3D Modelling, unknown000 (STEYR Modding), steyrmodder (STEYR Modding), Domi (STEYR Modding), John (STEYR Modding), Buzzard Agrotech, RivalBomb, Modelleicher, Alex2009


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