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Steyr 4115 Multi Ecotronik v 3.0


Version 3.0
– Cleaned up bugs
– Now you can toggle visible parts also when implements are used
– Cleaned up a bug with the front power lift
– There are no problems with the lights anymore
– The warning sign is gone
– Tyres are wider now
– This mode doubles the tractors downforce when activated. This of course decreases speed an accelration. This function can be used to rescue yourself when your wheels have lost traction (because of the new game engine). Also with this mode activated bigger implements can be used (key x to activate, key y to deactivate)
– New handling
– Better suiting sounds
– Added chains for forestry work
– All previous changes are still included in the mod

Authors: Giants Software, pfreek, Johni 6530, Sven777b


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