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Stappenbach v 2.1

  • 2016-06-25 09:02
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Version 2.1:
* Silos take now also grass_windrow
* Barn Courtyard 2 made available / Silos relocated
* Increased capacity of “small” silos of 200000 liters
* Siloplatte of “Pension BGA look” slightly increased (no flicker more)
* Added missing l10n messages cereals marshes
* Purchase icon in meadow 40/43 disappears when buying
* Collision of the paving stones removed on football field. Objects can be placed now
* Fountain in the village center is now accepting gold coins on (Wishing Well)
* Fixed seed trigger in all the courts
* Lowered Floating shelter at Hof 4
* Fixed Grass Planning feed racks
* Adapted silage Plan (rise earlier)
* Cogeneration Bunker moved Plane not from stock
* Rotated and fixed some traffic signs
* Machine Hall Courtyard 3 usable again
* New central warehouse inserted for beet and potatoes

Author: Agrarteam-Franken


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  1. axel

    why is it for example a cow in front of a fenced place and whare is the farm?

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