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Soil Mod Tanks

Soil Mod Tanks

This is a package of map objects to be used with Giants Editor. It is only intended for use on maps with Decker_MMIV’s SoilMod properly installed.
Having version 2.0.42 in your “mods” folder is recommended. If you have an archive of preceeding development versions, version 2.0.26 or greater is required for proper function. Please make this clear to users of your map.
Each tank has a sprayer fill trigger with one SoilMod spray type, and has a corresponding placard for identifying the spray type. This allows you to directly fill / refill your sprayer with a specific SoilMod spray type.
It is still possible to change the SoilMod spray type with the “O” key if your sprayer is in contact with any of the fill triggers.
While human drivers can use these tanks, the obvious functional reason to add these tanks to a map is for Courseplay helpers. This will currently require end user modification of one Courseplay script.
The current version of Courseplay does not recognize triggers with the new SoilMod fill types. It does recognize the trigger at the NPK fertilizer tank, as the fillType is the standard “fertilizer”. For players who do their own driving for fertilizer/herbicide spreading, this is a non-issue.
It is easy to modify one script in Courseplay to allow CP helpers to use all the triggers. A request has been submitted to the developers of Courseplay to add this change. Hopefully, it will be implemented.
The package includes low poly and high poly versions of the tanks. One silo is included for lime (kalk) as a more appropriate alternative to the lime tank.
The i3d Scenegraphs are constructed for ease of importing, tank placement, and clip distance modification.

Authors: Giants, tater salad, cgtextures, Decker_MMIV, Sootysax, Beny6630P, Sokonomi


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