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Snow Plow Pack v 1.0


This is the Snow Plow Pack which has a few plows and a map aswell as a snowblower. The map is the Bjornholm map with snow and a few extra areas to plow like new little towns.

Pack includes:
* Dodge D250 with Plow Bracket
* Plow for Dodge D250
* ATV with Plow Bracket
* Plow for ATV
* Plow for Skidsteer
* Snowblower for Skidsteer
* Custom Map to Plow Snow on

Authors: Giants, Venom85, Fsfarmer11, Master Xerion


3 Responses to Snow Plow Pack v 1.0

  1. Cuttery

    Cant download say’s no file

  2. Sandman, The One And Only

    Hey the download link needs to be fixed!

  3. fasga

    hey file cant be downloaded

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