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Slovakia Map v 1.1

  • 2016-06-20 09:39
  • Maps


– Village,
– Soil Mod
– Chopped Straw
– Multi Terrain
– 3 Farms
– Manure Storage
– Beautiful Landscape
– 17 Fields
– Water Mod
– 3 Forest Areas
– Cows, sheeps

Authors: DavidLS, Tautvis


2 Responses to Slovakia Map v 1.1

  1. DC-David

    You guys know how to open the green gates and the white shed doors? Mine will not automatically open and I don’t receive a prompt to open with O either. I have the map trigger mod installed for the auto opening doors and gates, but the only things working automatically are the stop sign crossing arms and the glass paneled garage doors. All other shed doors and gates don’t work. Any help would be appreciated as its a pretty good map other than that. Thanks!

  2. Dj Bacon

    i have the same issue as DC-David, hope this gets fixed!

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