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Scania R730 and Timber Trailers Mega Pack

Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-1 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-2 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-3 Scania-R-730-and-Timber-Trailers-Mega-Pack-4

This is a large set of Trucks designed for transporting logs
In pack included 6 Scania R730 Trucks and 5 Timber Trailers
On some trucks mounted manipulator
Body turns over
You can thus move the rack to the side for easy loading

Authors: dimanix, Sven777b


2 Responses to Scania R730 and Timber Trailers Mega Pack

  1. Aiight

    HI, great trailers, would really like to be able to link them, so I could put a second trailer behind the semi trailer. Road train!

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