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Save Editor v 4.4


The Save Editor is an external software. So you can change the following settings

In addition, little things have changed:
– Money, debt, gold coins, wheat, barley, canola, grain corn, chaff, hay, grass, potatoes stock, sugar camp, wood chips, Fields, chicken stock, sheep population, number of cows, manure Stand, dunghill, milk, eggs, silage, game speed (even beyond 120x ), tap Remove, fill up all the vehicles, clean, reset, multiplayer settings

In addition, there the Save Editor information about:
– Played days, compacted bales, weather, future demands, evaluation, Hofwert and the total value (animals, vehicles, items, storage content), place in the ranking …

Step 1: Right click on the zip file and click “Extract”.
Step 2: Double-click on the exe file.
Prerequisite: The DLL file (s) and the EXE must be in the same directory, but not in a zip folder.

Version 4.4:
* Please delete previous versions. There always fails the Internet connection and the program does not load correctly
* This error has been corrected in this version
* In addition, little things have changed

Authors: greatjack, DerFabsi


2 Responses to Save Editor v 4.4

  1. nope

    conversion from string “” to type ‘long’ is not valid

  2. Eric_D

    Any way to change the language to English?? I can’t read anything in this editor.

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