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Same Fortis 210 HPE v 1.0 Multicolor

  • 2016-04-19 19:06
  • Same


– Power 210 hp
– Choice of color
– Adjustment Dirt
– Adapted Exhaust Smoke
– Improved Tire Texture
– IC Control (doors, windows, roof, FH, mirror)
– IC button (RUL, lights, indicators, 4WD, DiffLock, engine start, front / rear hydraulic, launch attachments, attachments fold)
– IC settings are saved
– Hydraulic Engineer (hydraulic hoses connected correctly)
– Passenger Script
– Door opens from the outside
– Tire Pressure Control System
– Illuminated Speedometer
– Indoor Hud: Clock, Working Hours, Cruise Control

Required mod: Hardpoints Extention

Authors: Giants, HoFFi, modelleicher, Saty, rafftnix, Marhu, biedens, Manuel Leithner, Xentro, fruktor, Chaos Elite Modding


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