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Saerbeck Map v 1.1

  • 2016-08-22 08:13
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Saerbeck-2 Saerbeck-3 Saerbeck-1

Version 1.1:
* Sheep installed (can be purchased, but have no use) Serves for AnimalHUDMod and inspector
* New BGA Silo, Silo Beta was removed
* Corrected text Purchasable Hall
* Goldcoins deleted because these errors made
* Hof silos sunflower, triticale, oats and co. added
* Purchasable fields
* Improved grain marsh at court
* Fields embellishments bushes away in the fields, etc.
* Stack of tires in the field 74
* Changed Metzger Price Trigger
* Metzger trigger slightly offset (was a bit tight)
* Some fields were flattened somewhat
* Sawmill sound at the biogas plant, now in place
* Reversed Falling Signs
* Clip distances, but changed from the playground
* Created map with the fields
* Added Overview Map to print with box numbers
* Added silage silos Grass and Grass_Windrow

Author: OmaxiO


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