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Rostselmash Vector 410

Rostselmash-Vector-410-1 Rostselmash-Vector-410-2

– Light
– Mirrors
– Speedometer and tachometer
– Dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Dirt / washable
– Removes: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sunflower
– Included Header for wheat, barley, canola
– There is also a Kopnitel making round bales

Authors: LF-Modding, RedFox Modding Crew, igorela21


3 Responses to Rostselmash Vector 410

  1. 吕玥曈

    How useful!
    That’s a great idea,now I won’t worry about harvesting.
    Tkank you!!!
    ——From A Chinese Friend

  2. fsasmc

    hey do u guys can contact me I have a cottom baler I need scripting would u guys beable to do that for us?

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