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Rolland Rollspeed Trailers Pack v 1.0 Multicolor


The Pack consist of 4 Rolland Rollspeed Trailers:
* Rolland Rollspeed 5830: capacity 20000-21500-24000-30000 liters
* Rolland Rollspeed 6835: capacity 23000-25000-29000-35000 liters
* Rolland Rollspeed 7840: capacity 27000-29000-40000 liters
* Rolland Rollspeed 8844: capacity 30000-37000-50000 liters

Fruit Types: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, silage, woodchips, manure, seeds, kalk, fertilizer

Author: Sabo.D Copyright


One Response to Rolland Rollspeed Trailers Pack v 1.0 Multicolor

  1. Matej

    the mod seems to have an issue if the bigger sides are mounted on it just does not want to take any cargo.

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