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Ringwoods Map v 4.0

  • 2016-03-06 20:44
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Ringwoods-1 Ringwoods-2 Ringwoods-3

Version 4.0:
* New Field Ground Textures
* Custom grass base layer
* Custom grass edge foliage
* Matched grass distance Map
* Updated PDA
* Wood working on a new lot at MH timber
* Damage Mod ready
* Beetmaster2k16
* Seedmaster2k16
* Compostmaster 2k16
* New compost Textures
* New compost embedded fill planes and particles
* New multifruit file tested with other Maps
* Updated modesc and lua files show full economy
* Salad Greenhouses now only use seeds2
* Salad Greenhouse seed bins Texture updated to seeds 2
* South Farm silo fixed
* Mips added where needed to prevent sparkling
* Seed2 added to the North silo
* Salad silo removed and replaced with a seedmaster2k16
* New silo information boards and white signs
* New open south farm yard
* Potato washers replaced
* Ground markers added where needed
* Seeds2 holding after save fixed
* New latest water mod
* New water mod spray troughs
* Cow nav mesh adjusted
* Chicken zone troughs fill rates adjusted
* All modular storage unloading triggers enlarged
* All field dimensions correctly set and orientated
* Shed changed at main farm for better access to the seedmaster with larger sowing machines
* All trees replaced

Authors: Giants, Stevie


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