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Rental mod v 1.1

Rental mod

This mod allows you to rent all vehicles and equipment.
You can do this via the “Rent” button which appears to you in the shop with the mod.

– Chat message to all, if someone sinks a rental vehicle in the water.
– If the vehicle is submerged in water, a penalty is paid.
– Are you a vehicle with an empty tank back, you pay for refueling after.
– Also mods can be rented.
– You are in a rental car, standing up under the clock the remaining lease term.
– You can return rental vehicles through the shop or on the sell trigger.
– 1 day prior to the expiration of the lease is a message in the chat, which expires at the lease.
– At the end of the rental period, the rental period by one hour, for more money (15%) increased.
– All the 14 rental vehicles, which are run as the last in a list (K key, only if one is not seated in the vehicle).

Author: Alex2009


3 Responses to Rental mod v 1.1

  1. benjidu69

    bonjour, je l’ai install√© mais je n’arrive pas a le faire marcher…

  2. Lister471

    Great mod i love it, however when i try to return the vehicle i can click the return button ok and the vehicle is returned however i cannot then get out of the menu. Any help?

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