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Ponsse Buffalo Jenz Hem 583

Ponsse-Buffalo-Jenz-Hem-583-1 Ponsse-Buffalo-Jenz-Hem-583-2

It was the standard script retained only the stakes were continued, and the Jenz chopper has taken place on the truck bed.
The collection has been improved, and it was a kind of bunker chips installed.
That means you can, if you can not reach with tractor, with the Buffalo Shredding and dan him the trailer empty as in Drescher.

Author: Snowcraft97


5 Responses to Ponsse Buffalo Jenz Hem 583

  1. Alejandro Alonso

    lo he estado provando con el mapa mountain vallei v1.2 y no me picaba ningun arbol , ademas la piza al soltar el arbol se keda como trabado o enganchada en el aire , ojala lo solucionen poer k es la clase de mod k me gusta y esta muy chulom un saludo

  2. Silvano

    Works great, even if it could be a seat in the cabin and rotate the tube to be in all directions to turn.
    Thank you

  3. rob

    this is the best woodchipper i have tryed and i have had them all….i can chip logs with this chiper that i couldnt with the others

  4. Ryan

    Dear mod author,
    If you’re reading this, some improvements could be stabalizing feet and a recolour of the chipper to match ponsse. Otherwise awesome mod, only chipper that works. 🙂

  5. young-gamer

    Great mod, well worth a download. Check out our video using this chipper:

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