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Peterbilt 2007 v 1.0

Peterbilt-2007-1.0-1 Peterbilt-2007-1.0-2

Two different Peterbilt Trucks. One a regular Truck and the other one is a log Truck.

Authors: BigCountry, Lugarious


4 Responses to Peterbilt 2007 v 1.0

  1. Powerstroke73

    Great trucks! How about putting a 15ft dump box on it? Maybe new stacks and a sleeper?!

  2. CatC15guy

    Love the trucks they go great with the West Bridge Hills farm. Hey can you try to make a tri axle/ tri drive out of them and maybe diffrent colors

  3. jeremy

    how come when I buy these they don’t have cabs or tires

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