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Paradise Hills Map v 1.3S

  • 2016-08-14 09:45
  • Maps

Paradise-Hills-1 Paradise-Hills-2 Paradise-Hills-3

Version 1.3S:
* Update Details, goes without saying really that you must start a new game save for this map
* Field AI over run added to all fields
* Course play scans all fields first time every time
* Terrain and Dirt added
* New Foliage layers added and a full map repaint
* Map surface texture repaint
* 200 extra trees added
* Custom missions, demand and mowing missions with descriptions added
* New Oat foliage texture added
* New Corn foliage texture added
* Soil textures replaced
* Sugarbeet distance textures adjusted
* All prices adjusted for fruits, the map is now harder
* New water texture
* All heaps adjusted and corrected
* Brand New Salad area layout
* New Potato Steamer added
* New Potato Washer added
* New Greenhouses added
* New Compost bagging added
* New storage added for beet Pulp and Pig Forage
* New Auto gates added
* Natural animal release added for payment
* Cargo boxes added
* Pallet manufacture added
* New Area lighting added
* New expanded BGA yard
* Manure Separator added
* Expanded Dairy Yard and new Milk Max Machines
* Vehicle repair added to both farms
* New grain dryer added
* Flour production added
* Pallet movers and auto sell on everything
* New Chaff Textures
* All sell points updated
* PDA map fully updated
* File system cleaned
* New tree models with performance increase
* New compost master and general store yard layout
* New signs where needed
* Pigzone added
* Beetpulp added to pig and beef fattening
* Tweak made to the pig forage machine, steamed potato no longer used, it now takes potato, sugarBeet and beetPulp plus wheat/barley
* Egg laying station has had the feed heap moved to the outside of the building
* New Beetmaster Added
* Animation map, Damage, chopped straw scripts updated
* Soil mod switch added to the maps Lua file
* Starting money increased to 50K
* Capacities upped and matched on mods where needed

Authors: Giants, Stevie


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