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Objects mod pack V1.0

mini mod 2
mini mod

Here I would like to deploy the MiniModPack for you LS15 intended for ForstMod
Here at is three placeable objects.
At first I want to introduce the Placeable barrier I’ve found some time ago in the LS13version for you to DL.
The barrier:
Collisions for the Traffic / with barks and hat
Barges with feet and lamps.
Light script from Marhu was installed so that the lights also flash. Here’s a thank you to Marhu for his help.
Now for the tree slides / wood Boecken
There are two variants!
A Brief for Sawn logs
A very long time for complete tree lengths.
+ Skid plates installed (for beautification without function)

Funky, Marhu, Freak36558


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