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Northest Ohio v 1.0

  • 2016-03-05 09:15
  • Maps

Northest-Ohio-2 Northest-Ohio-1 Northest-Ohio-3

Welcome to flat fields of Northwest Ohio. This is where the Black Swamp was drained to make farm land. So there are still plenty of wooded areas around the map along with drainage ditches.

The fields come in various sizes and shapes. It has the basic grains, wheat, barley, rape, corn, also soybean and oat.

There is no starting equipment. There is 3 sell points, the Fulton Mill and Dekalb, and Pioneer. There is a CPS for your fertilizer and seed needs. Also a Biogas plant to get rid of your silage.

Authors: Randy H (TorqueWrench1), ERB


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  1. austin

    I like your guys map its nice

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