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Norgeholm v 6.0 Soil Mod GMK Mod MBO

  • 2015-12-10 12:01
  • Maps


Version 6.0:
* Horse breeding. The old horse was reconstructed with partial new buildings for horse breeding
* Cattle market for horses (foals) installed next to the manure dung purchase
* A third Sawmill near the forest next to the horse breeding
* New Hoftankstelle with increased capacity installed at the washing place
* Map and Text in the Mod Overview_Norgeholm from v6.0.pdf updated
* Map and Text in the fattening lining assignments_v6.0.pdf updated
* Bug fix greenhouse
* Bug fix egg laying station

Author: Pandahma


2 Responses to Norgeholm v 6.0 Soil Mod GMK Mod MBO

  1. don

    plain and simple the map is garbage cant access anything on it

  2. pukki

    no work!!
    Help please!!!!

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