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Norgeholm 2016 Map v 2.0 Multifruit

  • 2016-07-23 09:43
  • Maps


Version 2.0:
* Mud pots and mud puddles installed
* In fields fall vehicles as described in the real, especially if the fields are plowed
* In fields have vehicles like decreased in real maximum speed and stability
* Animated animals (horses, dogs and cats)
* Fertilizer factory built opposite the equine cattle market
* Washed Potato Filling Plant installed for filling washed potatoes in crates
* The barn now has three goals including animated door Sound
* Power poles and transmission lines including sound installed
* Mix Feeder converted to the current version 2.01 – including new mixing sound
* Digital scoreboards changed to blue
* Create new corn particle textures for all maize headers
* Rates compost pallets adapted
* Cogeneration Plant rebuilt
* PDF updated for feed allocation of fattening farms
* Signs of fruit description of the camps now have a Day & Night
* SearchModsScript installed
* Opening times at the fertilizer factory (6 °° – 20 °°)
* Opening times in the organic feed factory (6 °° – 20 °°)
* Performance improvement: Map was approximately 190MB (97MB compressed) reduced
* Fix the texture at the apex wooden palette
* Bugfix an invisible collision in the fertilizer factory
* Fix a spelling error in the modDesc.xml

Author: Pandahma


One Response to Norgeholm 2016 Map v 2.0 Multifruit

  1. G Rankin

    How do you fix all the ‘warning (physics) : static actor moved :(trigger) that I got when I first set up and run the map, before adding other mods?

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