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Niederbayern Map v 1.2

  • 2016-08-09 09:11
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Here is an update of the Map Niederbayern added water to the animals Texture Pig.
This is the Lower Bavaria Map for the LS 15 with many small details and a beautifully landscaped hills. Initially you have a medium size and a small box next to the courtyard. You also have a forest with dense population on their possession. Some trees are ready for harvesting. Seedlings for reforestation can be picked up at the country store.
How to process their wood is up to you. At the station you can submit logs directly to obtain this money. Another possibility is to process the trees to wood chips and subsequently to burn to make money.
Cereal You can sell the land trade or at the station immediately after harvest. At low prices, it is possible to store the grain to create a better market situation seen. When spinning, you can deliver the produced from the sheep wool.

Author: Lugge.96


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