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New Holland CR10.90 Monitored v 2.0

New-Holland-CR10.90-1 New-Holland-CR10.90-2

– Power 652 hp
– Bunker capacity 14500 liters
– Light engineering
– Mirrors
– Speedometer and tachometer
– The door opens
– Adjustable steering wheel
– Animation joystick
– Animated Monitor when you start
– Manually unloading
– Cameras
– Dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Dirt / washable

Includes 2 Headers:
– New Holland SuperFlex Draper 45
– New Holland 12 CF 980

Authors: Giants, Michi77, fruktor, rafftnix


One Response to New Holland CR10.90 Monitored v 2.0

  1. John

    I just tested out this mod, this mod is awesome, it doesn’t crash the game or lag it, the camera monitor system works great, I like that passenger feature for multiplayer, there is a couple things if someone could add would make this really awesome mod,
    1, interior dash lights, make them turn on with lights, its dark in the cab at night, if you can get all the switch and dash and monitors to light up, I have seen that on other mods.
    2. it shows on the outside there is a work light on the pipe that turns on, but it doesn’t shine on the ground, that also would be great for at night to see where the pipe is on the monitor to line it up with a trailer at night.
    Thanks again for the great mod, looking forward to any updates and if you can add these few lights for night driving.

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